Monday, June 8, 2009

The Take Over, The Break's Over

I insist you admit, dear reader, that in one point in your life, you have also succumbed to some stupid thing longer than you should have just tolerated it. It's lent your life story a couple of may-I-listen-to-KEANNE-while-walking-and-staring-into-space moments. And after crying and howling and punching the bathroom wall, you proceed to do that one thing you regret all over again.

It's normal to be this way, I guess. Or at least it's not unusual for me. After all, as my friends have said so many times already, I've been emo way before emo was invented. But thing is, more than just coming back for more pain, the real reason why I can't just leave a certain set-up, no matter how much bruises it's gotten on my feelings, is that I always hope that things will be better.

Is that emo?

Is it emo to think that maybe, if I carry on as I am expected, that if I hang out with the people who could hurt my feelings one more time, they will not choose to hurt me.


Bryan Anthony said...

i don't think carl's emo.

he writes melancholy really well, but emo, no.

Bryan Anthony said...

btw, i moved my blog na